This page contains the information and documents for the Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan Submission Documents TNP Pre-Submission Consultation Version Jan 2018 (PDF file 67MB) TNP Pre-Submission Consultation Version Jan 2018 (ZIP file 66MB) A revision to policy H2 (1) page 64 has been issued TNP SEA Regulation 14 Consultation (PDF file 3.7MB) TNP SEA Regulation 14 Consultation (ZIP file 3.3MB) If you experience problems in downloading these files then please email with the browser, file type and operating system details. Governance Arrangements Steering Group Minutes 20 Jun 2016    5 Sept 2016      3 Oct 2016    31 Oct 2016 29 Nov 2016     5 Jan 2017     30 Jan 2017     2 Mar 2017 29 Mar 2017    18 Apr 2017     24 May 2017    5 July 2017 21 Aug 2017   25 Sept 2017  22 Nov 2017    18 Dec 2017 22 Jan 2018    14 Mar 2018  23 Apr 2018    31 May 2018 2 July 2018   24 Sept 2018 Consultation TNP Household Survey TNP Household Survey Results Village Assembly TNP Call for Sites Posters Phase 2 Public Consultation TNP Phase 2 Consultation Posters TNP Phase 2 Feedback and Comments Phase 1 Public Consultation TNP Phase 1 Consultation Posters TNP Phase 1 Feedback and Comments Future Policy Mix TNP Future Policy Mix Design Forum Event Results TNP Design Forum Final Slideshow part 1 TNP Design Forum Final Slideshow part 2 TNP Design Forum Final Slideshow part 3 TNP Design Forum Final Slideshow part 4 Visioning Event Results TNP Full Visioning Results TNP Flimwell PLACE Map TNP Stonegate PLACE Map TNP Tichurst PLACE Map Evidence These are documents or website links that have been used in the preparation of the plan and are broken down into the key areas. Scroll down or use these titles to locate the key area; Overall Rural Employment Housing Social & Community Infrastructure Overall o Acre place report for Ticehurst    Rural o The High Weald AONB Management Plan 2014-2019  o Medieval Villages, Eastern High Weald 1250 - 1750, Book by David & Barbara Martin & Christopher Withlick o High Weald AONB Field Pattern in the Parish for the Three Villages Flimwell Medieval Field Systems AONB Map Stonegate Medieval Field Systems AONB Map Ticehurst Medieval Field Systems AONB Map o Ticehurst Landscape Character maps from High Weald AONB Ticehurst Ancient Woodland Ticehurst Field & Heath Ticehurst Geology, Landform, Water Systems & Climate Ticehurst Historic Routeways Ticehurst Historic Settlement o Ticehurst Parish Green Spaces Employment o TNP Businesss Survey Report o TNP Summary Business Survey Report o Evidence on Employment in Ticehurst o Employment Sites in Ticehurst Parish Housing o Ticehurst Affordable Housing Survey 2007 o Ticehurst Housing Survey 2010 o Planning history in Ticehurst in the last 20 years o Self-Build Argument o TNP Call For Sites Report o TNP Call for Sites Documents on Sites 01 and 02 o TNP Call For Sites Posters Village Assembly o Housing Stock in Ticehurst Parish o Housing List Figures For Ticehurst Parish o Affordable Housing  - Routes to Delivery Social & Community Infrastructure o TNP Concept Design Ideas for Managing Traffic o Speedwatch in Flimwell and Ticehurst Go back to top of evidence section
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