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Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan - Steering Group

Coming Events

TBD - 2019 Referendum

Previous Events

Jan - Feb 2018 Draft Plan Consultation Thurs 1 Dec - Sat 10 Dec 2016 Phase 2 Public Consultation Thurs 3 Nov - Sat 11 Nov 2016 Phase 1 Public Consultation   Wed 9 Mar - Thur 10 Mar 2016 Design Forum Tues 11 Jan - Thur 14 Jan 2016 Visioning Event

Latest News

Sun 8 Nov 2018 Final plan published Mon 29 Oct 2018 Neighbourhood News 26 Sun 26 Aug 2018 Neighbourhood News 25 Mon 18 December 2017 Draft Plan Published Wed 18 October 2017 Housing Survey Results Fri 15 September 2017 Housing survey Sun 23 July 2017 Business Survey Report published
Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan  Flimwell - Stonegate - Ticehurst
Development on OUR terms!
Ticehurst Civil Parish
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