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Appendix Summary of the Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan evidence base. Summary of Neighbourhood Plan Policies A series of maps that combine the housing and rural policies together for a given area. Social & Community Infrastructure Objectives 	8.	Protecting and regenerating the heart of each village and conserving our heritage. 	9.	Reducing the impact of traffic through the parish. 	10.	Develop a local energy plan and encourage energy efficient buildings.  Social & Community Infrastructure Policies INF1 - Improvements To Village Centres INF2 - Community Energy Projects INF3 - Community Areas In Housing Developments Site Specific Design Guidance This section gives specific guidance for the sites that have planning permission and those that are allocated in the plan. Design Guidance The following section of the neighbourhood plan explores the origins and character of Ticehurst parish in order to inform the best way to design new buildings and enable changes and modifications to existing buildings. Understanding what defines the neighbourhood area will help inform the design of future development, ensuring that any new additions are appropriate for their context. Housing Objectives 	5.	Providing affordable housing, particularly for Ticehurst residents and workers. 	6.	Ensuring that all new development is well-planned and relates to existing housing. 	7.	Encouraging good environmental design of housing and business developments.  Housing Policies H1 - Spatial Plan H2 - Housing Site Allocation H3 - Mix of Housing Sizes and Tenures H4 - Affordable Housing H5 - Design of New Buildings H6 - Conservation & Heritage Employment Objectives 	3.	Use local resources to build the local economy supported by good infrastructure. 	4.	Ensure that the Parish residents have the facilities they need including health, education, leisure, retail.  Employment Policies E1 - Protect and Enhance Local Services & Facilities E2 - Support Tourism & Recreation E3 - Promote  Diversification of Agricutural Businesses E4 - Protect & Enhance Existing and Encourage ++ - Additional Commercial Employment Sites E5 - Improve Essential Infrastructure Rural Objectives 	1.	Conserve and enhance the landscape and scenic beauty of the AONB. 	2.	Provide good movement round the parish by cycle and footpaths.  Rural Policies R1 - Conserve the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty R2 - Maintain Green Gaps Between Settlements R3 - Protect and Enhance Green Spaces R4 - Develop Footpath & Cycle Networks R5 - Support Biodiversity Objectives Details the 10 objectives Developing a Shared Vision Each stage of the neighbourhood plan process to date has sought to extend the amount of common ground between all sections of the community, narrowing down various options through a transparent and open process.  Sections Neighbourhood Plan Aims & Objectives Neighbourhood Plan Vision Statement Neighbourhood Plan Major Aims Past and Present The parish is situated within the High Weald AONB and its landscape has barely changed since medieval times. Historically, Ticehurst was largely a rural community which derived its livelihood from farming and woodland management. As these have become less viable, farms have diversified and small trades and services provide much of the employment. Introduction Developing a neighbourhood plan is a community-led process which encourages local people to shape and influence development within the places where they live and work.
The final plan is here……. The Parish Council have approved the final version of the Plan. Your views changed the draft plan and it took time to consider these.  The draft plan consultation event page has the details. The final plan has been published by Rother District Council (RDC). From now on, only the Independent Examiner can change the plan. Use the links below to get more information: The final plan in a more web friendly viewing version below. A summary of the changes to the draft plan and TNP documents are in Neighbourhood News 26.  The final plan and associated documents for Regulation 16 are available on the evidence page The draft plan consultation event page shows the results as well the activities during this period. Now that RDC has published the plan what happens next? What happens next? Friday 9th November to Friday 21st December 2018. RDC have examined the documents and confirmed that they meet the regulations. It has published our plan on their website (Regulation 16) for six weeks, from 9am Friday 9th November to 4.30pm Friday 21st December. There is a poster created by RDC to publicise it. This allows statutory bodies (e.g. ESCC, Natural England, utilities etc.) and others, including individuals, to put forward representations – they can Object, Support or Comment on any part of the plan – and RDC heve logged these representations. Duly made representations have been processed and are published on the RDC website. Early This Year 2019 The Independent Examiner has been confirmed as John Slater, see Neighbourhood News 28 for more details. The Independent Examiner will take all the documentation, including the representations from Regulation 16, and consider whether the plan conforms to the legal requirements for neighbourhood plans. His initial view is that he should be able to deal with the examination of the Plan without holding a public hearing, but reserves the right to do so. Based on a preliminary consideration there are a small number of matters he wishes to receive further representation from TPC and RDC, these are detailed in his initial comments. In his initial comments he asked for a response from TPC and RDC. The TPC has published its response with 9 associated documents on the evidence page and RDC has published its response on their website. If he decides to hold a public hearing: this would extend the expected time for this stage from 8 to 12 weeks (although it has taken longer – up to 6 months – in some parishes). He will then write a report, probably recommending modifications before the plan can go to referendum. What does the plan mean to the steering team? Four members of the steering team talking about what the plan means to them……. The individual contents of the final plan for viewing purposes only Please note: There are known problem with MS Internet Explorer 11 opening some of these PDF documents, if you cannot use another browser then download a whole copy of the final plan in zip file format.   Introduction Ticehurst Parish Past and Present Developing a Shared Vision Neighbourhood Plan Objectives Rural Policies Employment Policies Housing Policies  Design Guidance Site Specific Design Guidance Social & Community Infrastructure Policies Summary of Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan Policies Appendix
Welcome to the “Ticehurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan” website Regulation 16 is over and duly made representations have been published.  These are on the Rother District Council website. This page shows the final plan…... and this is what happens next 
Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan  Flimwell - Stonegate - Ticehurst
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The final plan is available in a  web friendly viewing  version. Febuary Neighbourhood News is now available. Watch a video of the steering team talking about the plan. To find out how we got here go to the background  page.