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Tues 27 Aug 2019 Neighbourhood News 32 Mon 8 July 2019 RDC “Made” plan Fri 28 June 2019 Results of referendum Fri 24 May 2019 Neighbourhood News 31 Wed 1 May 2019 Final plan published Sun 8 Nov 2018 Final submission plan published for Regulation 16
Regulation 16 to “Made” Plan Regulation 16 & Independent Examination Following the draft plan consultation which ran from  6 weeks from 2nd January to 14th February 2018 the plan was updated for Regulation 16 and an independent examination. Initially Rother District Council confirmed the documents met the regulation requirements before publishing the plan on their website.  This was followed by Regulation 16 for six weeks, from 9am Friday 9th November to 4.30pm Friday 21st December 2018. RDC created a poster to publicise it. This allowed statutory bodies (e.g. ESCC, Natural England, utilities etc.) and others, including individuals, to put forward representations – they can Object, Support or Comment on any part of the plan – and RDC logged these representations. Duly made representations were processed and then published on the RDC website. In the next stage in the process an Independent Examiner was appointed to take all the documentation, including the representations from Regulation 16, and consider whether the plan conforms to the legal requirements for neighbourhood plans. John Slater was appointed as the Independent Examiner and Neighbourhood News 28 has more details on this. His initial view is that he should be able to deal with the examination of the Plan without holding a public hearing, but reserved the right to do so. Based on a preliminary consideration there are a small number of matters he wishes to receive further representation from TPC and RDC, these are detailed in his initial comments. In his initial comments he asked for a response from TPC and RDC. The TPC has published its response with 9 associated documents on the evidence page and RDC has published its response on their website. He has published his final report which made recommendations. The final plan incorporates these recommendations and is published for viewing. The Inspector was very complimentary over the plan, in particular: “The Steering Group has produced a document of the highest quality. It is well laid out and makes excellent use of maps and photographs, which clearly describes the character of the plan area." "I must congratulate Ticehurst Parish Council for preparing a locally distinct neighbourhood plan, which seeks to deliver on the expressed priorities of the residents of the parish of Ticehurst." On the detail: He has accepted our housing allocations - Orchard Farm and Singehurst in Ticehurst and Wardsdown House in Flimwell. He has taken out all green gaps except the most important one between Flimwell and Ticehurst. He has taken out one green space - where the signpost was at the corner of the A21 in Flimwell. He has asked us to insert maps of the protected viewpoints which Rother have provided.   Most of the rest is wording to ensure that the policies are legally watertight for planning purposes.   The plan was then ready to be voted on. Voting and Making the Plan After almost four years, we had completed the Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan to the satisfaction of the Independent Inspector.  The final stage is for the parishioners of Ticehurst to vote on whether they want the plan to be used to help decide planning applications within the parish. This vote took place on Thursday 27th June and everybody registered to vote in the parish could. A simple majority of those who vote will mean that our plan will be adopted legally by Rother District Council. The results were 82% in favour with a 26.5% turnout. On 8th July, Rother District Council formally “made” the plan.  It is now part of the Development Plan for Rother and is “a key policy document in the determination of planning applications for development in Ticehurst Parish”. Use the links below to see the plan: The final made plan in a more web friendly viewing version. The final made plan is available on the evidence page.
Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan  Flimwell - Stonegate - Ticehurst
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