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Subscribe to receive email newletters and event details. ** November Neighbourhood News now available ** Housing Survey results are available from the survey distributed in Sept 2017 . There is a temporary road closure - B2087 Dale Hill, Ticehurst from 6 Nov 2017 to 24 Nov 2017, full details are here. Welcome to the “Ticehurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan” Website This plan is our community’s opportunity to shape and guide development that will take place in our area and make sure that it is appropriate to our needs and aspirations. We can have a real say in where it goes and how it looks! What is a neighbourhood plan? The introduction of neighbourhood planning is part of wider challenges to the planning system in the Localism Act 2011. The Act claims to shift decision making from central government to communities and councils. Neighbourhood planning helps town and parish councils to prepare a plan for their area, in close consultation with residents, businesses and other local organisations. Neighbourhood plans are for the social, economic and environmental well being of everyone in the community. What’s happened so far? In July 2015 the Ticehurst Parish Council decided that the Parish should have a Neighbourhood Plan. They chose Feria Urbanism to advise and support the Parish in formulating the first part of the Neighbourhood Plan. Ferai ran a Visioning events and a Design Forum event. Each event has received considerable input from the community. In July 2016, after Ticehurst Parish Council received funding from the Communities Rights Program, Feria were appointed to see the Neighbourhood plan through to completion. The volunteers on the Steering Team have been busy using the input to write policies for a series of phased public consultations. The events so far are: Visioning Events          11  -  14 Jan 2016 Design Forum Event    9   -  10 Mar 2016 Phase 1 Public Consultation    3   -  11 Nov 2016 Phase 2 Public Consultation    1   -  10 Dec 2016 With the input of the community from phase 1 & 2 public consultations additional polices will be created and the existing ones refined to produce a draft plan. What’s next? Early next year the draft plan will be put to a Parish wide survey and a formal 6 week consultation. The responses to this will be used to amend the plan.   The plan is then subject scrutiny by Rother District council and an independent examiner.  To put the TNP plan into action a Parish wide referendum will need to agree it. There are key milestones toward this with indicative timelines. The information and documentation for the TNP is continually updated on the evidence page.

Coming Events

Jan - Feb 2018 Formal Consultation on Plan  

Previous Events

Thurs 1 Dec - Sat 10 Dec 2016 Phase 2 Public Consultation Thurs 3 Nov - Sat 11 Nov 2016 Phase 1 Public Consultation   Wed 9 Mar - Thur 10 Mar 2016 Design Forum Tues 11 Jan - Thur 14 Jan 2016 Visioning Event

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