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How to see a copy of the plan The Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan pre-submission consultation is available to download from the evidence page. But please note this is a 112 page 66Mb document. On this page below you can view the individual contents in a more web friendly viewing version. You can watch a video of a presentation given at the major consultation event on February 1st and 2nd in the Ticehurst Village Hall. There is more information on the formal consultation event page.   We need your views During the formal consultation period, from the 2nd January to 14th February 2018, we want to: show you the plan, please see the video on formal consultation page. give YOU a chance to ask questions ask for your views If the plan is to succeed, your input is vital. Please tell us whether you agree with the objectives and policies by completing the feedback survey.  If you would like to comment on any of the policies, please add these comments in the box under each policy. Please answer as many questions as you can. This is via on-line(preferred) or by a paper copy and the details are below. On-line survey (no longer available) The on-line survey button has been removed Paper feedback form (no longer available)  You can get a paper copy by: downloading a copy to print picking up a  printed copy of the  feedback form in the same place as the plan is available attending the major consultation event on February 1st and 2nd in the Ticehurst Village Hall This is what we will do with the feedback A reply will be sent to every person who fills in a survey and leaves their name, address and email. The draft plan will be updated as a result of this consultation. The feedback will be logged in a Consultation Statement document and placed on the formal consultation event page when the updated plan is published. To be kept informed of the plan’s progress you can subscribe to receive email newsletters and event details. What does the plan mean to the steering team? Four members of the steering team talking about what the plan means to them……. The individual contents of the plan for viewing on-line Please note: There is a known problem with MS Internet Explorer 11 opening these documents, if you cannot use another browser then download a copy of the whole plan in zip file format from the evidence page.   Introduction Ticehurst Parish Past and Present Developing a Shared Vision Neighbourhood Plan Objectives Rural Policies Employment Policies Housing Policies: A revision to policy H2 (1) page 64 has been issued, to be read in conjunction with section below. Social & Community Infrastructure Policies Design Guidance Appendix
July’s Neighbourhood News is now available. How to see a copy of the plan. You can watch a video of a presentation given at the consultation event on the 1 & 2 of February. Watch a video of the steering team talking about the plan. To find out how we got here go to the background page.
Welcome to the “Ticehurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan” website Submission documents for regulation 14 (Jan 2 - Feb 14 2018) Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation Version A revision to policy H2 (1) page 64 has been issued Strategic Environmental Assessment
Housing Objectives 	5.	Providing affordable housing, particularly for Ticehurst residents and workers. 	6.	Ensuring that all new development is well-planned and relates to existing housing. 	7.	Encouraging good environmental design of housing and business developments.  Housing Policies H1 - Spatial Plan H2 - Housing Site Allocation H3 - Mix of Housing Sizes and Tenures H4 - Affordable Housing H5 - The design of New Buildings Introduction Developing a neighbourhood plan is a community-led process which encourages local people to shape and influence development within the places where they live and work. Past and Present The parish is situated within the High Weald AONB and its landscape has barely changed since medieval times. Historically, Ticehurst was largely a rural community which derived its livelihood from farming and woodland management. As these have become less viable, farms have diversified and small trades and services provide much of the employment. Developing a Shared Vision Each stage of the neighbourhood plan process to date has sought to extend the amount of common ground between all sections of the community, narrowing down various options through a transparent and open process.  Sections Neighbourhood Plan Aims & Objectives Neighbourhood Plan Vision Statement Neighbourhood Plan Major Aims Objectives Details the 10 objectives Rural Objectives 	1.	Maintain the beauty of the AONB. 	2.	Provide good movement round the parish by cycle and footpaths.  Rural Policies R1 - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty R2 - Protect & Enhance AONB Views R3 - Maintain Green Gaps Between Settlements R4 - Protect & Enhance Green Spaces R5 - Develop Footpath & Cycle Networks Employment Objectives 	3.	Use local resources to build the local economy supported by good infrastructure. 	4.	Ensure that the Parish residents have the facilities they need including health, education, leisure, retail.  Employment Policies E1 - Protect and Enhance Local Services & Facilities E2 - Support Tourism & Recreation E3 - Promote  Diversification of Agricutural Businesses E4 - Protect and Enhance Existing Business Employment Sites          ++ - and Encourage Additional Employment Sites E5 - Protect and Enhance Village Centres E6 - Improve Essential Infrastructure Social & Community Infrastructure Objectives 	8.	Protecting and regenerating the heart of each village and conserving our heritage 	9.	Reducing the impact of traffic through the parish 	10.	Introducing a community energy project  Social & Community Infrastructure Policies INF1 - Improvements To Village Centres INF2 - Community Energy Projects INF3 - Community Areas In Housing Developments Design Guidance The following section of the neighbourhood plan explores the origins and character of Ticehurst parish in order to inform the best way to design new buildings and enable changes and modifications to existing buildings. Understanding what defines the neighbourhood area will help inform the design of future development, ensuring that any new additions are appropriate for their context. Appendix Summary of the Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan evidence base
Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan  Flimwell - Stonegate - Ticehurst
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