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Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan  Flimwell - Stonegate - Ticehurst
Back to home page. Closed - Call for Sites - Closed Today, Thursday 3rd November 2016, The Ticehurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on behalf of and with the authority of Ticehurst Parish Council has published its ‘Call for Sites’.  See details here. As part of normal planning regulation, Rother District Council maintains a ‘Strategic Housing and Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) register.  The SHLAA records land which is available for development AND screens each plot for its likely suitability under AONB and Planning Authority rules.  For the 2013 SHLAA Rother examined 34 sites in this Parish; only 7 were considered to have development potential.  Outline planning permission has now been awarded on 3 of these sites, and refused on another which is now felt to be unsuitable for development.  With the emerging Neighbourhood Plan and Development on OUR terms! we are able to influence the SHLAA process. Important Note          The SHLAA is not a legal process, it is a helpful tool.  Development proposals for sites which are supported still have to go through the formal planning approvals process; site which are not supported are unlikely to satisfy planning guidelines which can reassure residents and avoid wasteful applications. Interested landowners and others are encouraged to complete their nominations as soon as possible, and not to wait towards the end of the ‘Call’ period.  Regulation requires a six-week period; we are allowing more than seven weeks but will be able to review nominations as they arrive.  Nominators will be notified of the outcome of their submission by the  end of January 2017. Back to home page.
Development on OUR terms!
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